The origins of today's Schoeller Textil AG

Rudolph Schoeller moves from Breslau to Zurich and sets up Switzerland's first worsted yarn spinning in Schaffhausen. The company initially bears the names of the directors Chessex, Hoessly, Lang and Weidlich and is subsequently renamed "Schoeller & Söhne", the origins of today's Schoeller Textil AG.

Derendingen, Switzerland

Schoeller & Söhne merges with Derendingen worsted yarn spinning mill (founded 1872).

Tuchfabrik Sevelen

Purchase of textile mill in Sevelen (today's headquarters) and first trials with modern synthetic fibers for wool blend fabrics.


Launch of the first elastic fabric for ski wear - from today's perspective the first soft-shells.


The new protective fabrics are ready to go to the market. They are launched under the name keprotec for motorcycling wear. Today, Schoeller protective fabrics are among the leading products in this sector worldwide.

bluesign / Schoeller Technologies AG

The bluesign standard, which Schoeller helped to develop, is presented for the first time at the world exhibition in Hannover, Germany.

With the establishment of Schoeller Technologies AG at its headquarters in Sevelen, the licensing business for Schoeller Technologies which had previously operated on a small scale, is established as an independent company.

3xdry / Schoeller FTC

The 3xdry finish is launched.

Establishment of the Schoeller FTC joint venture between Schoeller Textil AG and the Taiwanese Formosa Taffeta Co. Ltd. with headquarters in Hong Kong.

c_change membrane

The c_change membrane technology is the first intelligent membrane in the world and heralds Schoeller's entry into the membrane business.


Following nanosphere and 3xdry comes with coldblack a finishing technology on the market which reduces the heat-up of dark textiles in direct sunlight. This can considerably increase clothing comfort for the wearer.

Bluesign award

Schoeller Textil AG is the first company to receive the bluesign award.

Protection textiles

A new "protection textiles" sector is established where innovative, functional fabrics for uniforms, fashionable corporate wear and workwear are developed and marketed.


Two of the strongest and most innovative textile and technology companies in the stretch woven and knits segements join forces: Schoeller Textil AG and the Eschler Group.

UE Boom / ecorepel

The wireless speaker UE Boom with special fabric developments by Schoeller hits the market and is an instant sensation.

With its ecorepel finishing technology, Schoeller provideds the ecological answer to the current fluorocarbon debate and receives as a positive alternative in a critical Greenpeace study. The pyroshell technology sets new standards in the area of fire proofing.

ISS space station

During the project "Spacetex", Schoeller materials reach the ISS space station and are tested by astronauts under extreme conditions.

3xdry bio / ecorepel bio / cosmopolitan

3xdry bio and ecorepel bio, the new PFC-free technologies based on renewable raw materials, were first introduced to customers.

The cosmopolitan collection is launched as the anser to a global urban trend, offering multifunctional fabrics for modern and mobile city dwellers who want to feel comfortable and protected anywhere in the world while emphasizing their personality through individual styles.

Redbull / Mammut / e-textiles

Red Bull launches its new brand alphatauri with the help of schoeller. The textile technology Taurex gives the wearer back released energy - a smart link to the energy drink from Red Bull.

Together with Mammut Sports Group, Schoeller is developing a textile in which different materials are partially woven, giving outfits seamless wearing comfort with diverse functions.

With the new E-soft-shell, Schoeller is attempting to combine electronics and textiles in such a way that they become one.

Electronics melt into fabrics & 150 year-jubilee

One example is the HYDRO_BOT cooperation project of Osmotex, Lasse Kjus, 7sphere, EMPA and Schoeller. The electroosmotic membrane is a ground breaking technology for moisture management which is being used initially in skiwear.

Schoeller celebrates its 150th anniversary.

schoeller re-fabric

Schoeller launches its first online-store for startups, creatives and designers to give smaller companies a platform to purchase high-quality fabrics at a competitive price. Further schoeller re-fabric goes hand in hand with Schoeller's promise to protect the planet by reducing waste and energy.