Schoeller Re-fabric

Online resale platform of fabrics from the surplus of Schoeller.

With our initiative Schoeller Re-fabric we want to create a marketplace to quickly and easily buy unused fabrics online. Because today more than $120 billion worth of excess fabric sits in warehouses around the world. These materials end up burned or buried. And we are determined to rescue at least the excess of Schoeller. Making these high-quality and sustainable products available to you, at any time, from everywhere, is our mission. 

Schoeller Re-fabric is an initiative developed by Schoeller which re-values discontinued and remnant fabrics from one of the most innovative textile manufacturer in the world. Schoeller Re-fabric allows creatives, designers & startups to buy high-quality fabrics, low minimum quantities at a competitive price.

Schoeller Re-Fabric

Our Philosophy

01 is a resale platform which revalues deadstock fabrics from one of the leading and most innovative textile manufacturers of the world.

We allow creatives to easily access high-quality and innovative materials whilst encouraging the creative re-use of existing recources.

We hope to participate in strenthening with young creatives, independent fashion designers and startups who need the support of a manufacturer just like this.

Commitment of Schoeller Re-fabric

01 Circularity

As a committed and environmentally responsible company, Schoeller lays the foundation for a circular fashion model. With this initiative we want to re-use discontinued and remnant fabrics and give them a second life. 

02 Creation

Schoeller re-fabric wants to offer designers, startups or young creatives an opportunity to buy high-quality fabrics in small quantities at a competitive price so they can further develop their ideas and create their vision. We are also very interested in co-creations to further develop your product ideas. Read more here about the possibility of a possible partnership.

03 Materials

Schoeller re-fabrics product catalogue offers a wide variety of materials, functionalities and technologies selected by Schoeller. All products are "discontinued" or "remnant" from Schoeller.


What we can do together for the planet

schoeller re-fabric

In 2020 Schoeller Textil AG produced millions of meters of fabric. Some ordered fabrics are still in our warehouse and Schoeller tries to limit waste to ensure longevity of our products. Therefore, we refuse to burn these fabrics like other textile manufacturers do. 

With every meter purchased through our initiative schoeller re-fabric we save together:

  • 146 liters of water and
  • 18.4 kilogram CO2